About us

Founded in 2019 , Lendz is a Florida Mortgage Lender servicing US retail clients, as well as foreign nationals .

LENDZ is regulated by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. The Division of Consumer Finance licenses and regulates non-depository financial service industries and individuals. This division conducts examinations and complaint investigations for licensed entities to determine compliance with Florida law.

Lendz is a member of the Reliable Holdings Group LLC , a Delaware limited liability holding company organized for the purpose of promoting start ups and strategic acquisitions of lenders in the USA.

LENDZ is not your average bank or lending institution. LENDZ offers products that meet sustainable lending practices, deeply caring about our client’s ability to repay their loans. LENDZ proudly promotes the Principles of Responsible Lending a dedicated framework of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

LENDZ has created strategic relationships that brings together entrepreneurial professionals with congruent goals, in order to create affiliated business that render complementary financial services. Our experienced professionals have dedicated their careers to advising individuals in the USA and throughout Latin America, a region in which the Firm’s shareholders have a deep understanding and extensive relationships.


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We are committed to providing
the best experience possible for you


Lendz provides ethical and tailored service to each and every client, who needs financing to achieve financial objectives.


Lendz is dedicated to creating a culture of excellence for our uniquely talented and motivated team, driven to creating a high-quality client experience.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication


We go the extra mile to provide each client with a tailored experience.


Lendz strives to meet the highest standards and adhere to the best professional and compliant behaviors in every situation.


We think carefully about each client’s unique interests , and we make sure we do what is compliant.


We respect each other and work together towards our common goals. Our culture of excellence brings the internal team together to work for our client’s best interests, always.


We are driven by our Vision, Mission, and Culture Statements, each and every time.


We seek to be experts in our field, constantly and at any moment. We study, train and continuously improve our skills and compliance knowledge to better meet our client’s needs.