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Our mission is your vision – a smooth and seamless experience. Let our professionals, backed by user-friendly technology, guide you through the mortgage process. Smooth. Simple. Fast. The Lendz Way


The Lendz Way

LENDZ financial provides you full control of the process
and supports you at every step

Competitive Rates

We offer a variety of home mortgage solutions at competitive prices to match every client’s needs.

Upfront Underwriting

We issue underwriter approvals prior to purchase agreements – this allows your offer to compete with cash.

Quick Turn Around Times

No more waiting around for approvals and disclosures. We keep things moving.

Streamlined Process

From the application to the closing our process is transparent, simple, and fast.

State of the Art Technology

Every step of the process can be completed digitally… that is, if you want it that way.

“Always on” Customer Support

Our team has an “always on” mindset – meaning weekends and nights, we are always ready to help.

Digital Process. Personal Touch.

Step 1:

What are you looking to accomplish? How much can you afford? Is this a purchase or a refinance? You and your Lendz loan officer will analyze your financial profile to formulate a game plan.

Step 2:
Application & Docs

Lendz will send you a digital loan application and an initial document request - Paystubs, W2s, Tax Returns, and Bank Statements will allow your loan officer to provide a pre-approval.

Step 3:

Once Lendz has reviewed your application and initial docs, you will receive your mortgage options – the terms you choose will appear on the initial loan disclosures.

Step 4:

After terms have been decided and disclosures have been issued, an underwriter will review your file and issue a conditional approval.

Step 5:

The conditional approval will contain the missing items needed for a clear to close. Your loan officer will send you the list of documents you will be responsible for providing.

Step 6:

While you are collecting your final documents your Lendz processor will order the appraisal, title work, and any required employment, asset, or credit verifications.

Step 7:
Clear to Close

Once all the documents are gathered and all the verifications are complete, the underwriter will issue a clear to close. This means the closing can officially be scheduled.

Step 8:

Behind the scenes Lendz had been working with the title company (or attorney) to finalize your closing package. So now, all you have left is a few signatures before the keys to that new home are yours!

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